Your Safety Is Our Business

Nationwide, we believe there is a strong need for qualified safety professionals who have worked with the tools of the trade, understand the hazards of construction and plant environments, and relate effectively to the skilled craftsman.

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Whether your project is one week or multiple years in duration, you can rest assured that we have the depth and expertise to assist with your safety staffing needs.

Safety Construction Worker Hats Blue, white, yellow, orange. Teamwork of construction team must have quality. Whether it engineer, construction workers. Have a helmet to wear at work. Safety at work.

Regardless of the size of your organization, we develop programs that improve the overall safety and risk management of your operations. Let us make your safety our business.


When you and your employees are in need of training, we have trainers to meet all of your requirements. We are able to accommodate a variety of schedules, and are able to come to you.

Hands-On Fire Extinguisher Training

No, we aren't going to light an actual fire! But we DID invest in a Digital Fire Extinguisher Training System. This training system generates a digital flame on a screen, allowing students to use a "real" extinguisher to put out the fire. The fire and extinguisher can be programmed as class A, B, or C and using sensor technology, the system is able to detect that the trainee is using the correct class extinguisher for the fire - if not, it won't go out! The sensors also detect how far away from the fire the trainee is standing, if they are aiming at the flames correctly, and that they are properly sweeping the extinguisher nozzle.

Do You Need a Safety Professional?

National Safety Consulting is interested in helping to save lives, lower insurance premiums, and reduce injuries on the job.

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