3rd Party Contractor Management

Your prequalification rating with Third Party Contractor and Supplier Management Platforms can be critical to submitting bids and having them accepted.

With more organizations requiring a rating on these platforms, the process can be overwhelming. National Safety Consulting has successfully navigated several of these platforms for clients in a wide range of industries - saving our clients countless hours of time and frustration.

What is a 3rd Party Contractor Management Platform?

Contractor Management Platforms such as ISNet®, Avetta®, and First, Verify™ assist hiring organizations with managing their internal compliance requirements for seeking contractors or service suppliers.

As the contractor or service supplier, you are responsible for entering your health, safety, quality, risk and regulatory information that each hiring organization requests of you. Once submitted to the appropriate platform(s), the hiring organization is able to rate and connect with contractors or service suppliers that meet their desired and/or required qualifications.

Let National Safety Consulting Assist

While many of these third-party platforms are based on company-specific information, we can still provide a great deal of support, guidance, and consultation.

We have found we can be of the most help with the written programs that need to go through a verification process—often requiring precise verbiage.  We can manage those programs from writing and uploading. We have a near-perfect acceptance rate upon the initial submittal; however, if for any reason a written program comes back with any discrepancy, we will make the needed edits until it is fully verified.

With your approval, NSC can also answer questionnaires, address discrepancies, summarize Certificate of Insurance requirements, and upload OSHA Log information.

Your Third Party Contractor and Supplier Management Platform requirements will always be a top priority.

Your account will be assigned to a single point of contact, who is solely responsible for third party prequalification programs and client support.

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