Safety Program

Do you want to improve your bottom line?

We excel in assisting companies to create, develop, implement, and maintain an ongoing safety program. We have Safety Coordinators with experience covering a wide range of workplace environments, and they are all able to step in and cover your safety needs.

We can put a Safety Program in place that will help to establish your safety standards, prevent incidents before they happen, and provide support in the event of an OSHA visit.

Custom Design Your Safety Plan:

Every industry has its own set of specific hazards that need to be addressed

Training And Orientation:

Comprehensively train all personnel in every aspect of the plan and their critical role in making it work

Plan Implementation:

Our safety professionals work alongside your frontline staff to assure effective plan rollout at the job sites

Maintenance Phase:

Periodic Site Safety Audits measure performance, maintain personal accountability, and expose safety trends, better allowing you to see where improvements can be made

With our Safety Program in your toolbox, you can work toward providing a safe work environment, which in turn, can help to: increase employee morale, reduce time missed for incidents, and improve your bottom line.

National Safety Consulting provides the following

  • Help create an effective safety culture
  • Provide valuable jobsite feedback
  • Help reduce worksite injuries
  • Lower Workers Comp premiums
  • Assure full regulatory compliance
  • Represent your company with OSHA

Do You Need a Safety Professional?

National Safety Consulting is interested in helping to save lives, lower insurance premiums, and reduce injuries on the job.