You know that you have Environmental Health, and Safety (EHS) concerns within your organization, but can’t afford to bring on a full time EHS manager right now…don’t worry, you are not alone. National Safety Consulting specializes in assisting companies to create, develop, and maintain an ongoing safety program.

We have safety consultants with experience covering a wide range of workplace environments, and they are all able to step in and cover your safety needs. We can put a safety program in place that will help with establishing your safety standards, preventing incidents before they happen, and providing support in the event of an OSHA visit.

National Safety Consulting will develop a safety manual that covers the specific needs of your organization.  We will then present a Safety Manual Orientation to your staff, ensuring they are all aware of the compliance regulations covered in the manual.  We will also be available to provide regular training to your staff, and can fine tune what training is needed based on the results of our regular workplace safety audits. Our audit reporting will expose safety trends, better allowing you to see where improvements can be made and to more thoroughly meet the training needs of your employees.

By utilizing our retained safety consulting services, we will also be available for you in the event of a safety-related question, an incident/near miss investigation, or an OSHA visit/citation. We are not here to shut you down or interfere with production; rather, we are here to work with your staff and leadership to improve the overall safety of your location(s). With our safety program in your toolbox, you can provide a safe work environment, which in turn, can increase employee morale, reduce time missed for incidents, and improve your bottom line.